Another glorious gem I found from magiska. This band is called We Are Trees, which is the brain child of a guy named James Richard Nee. I didn’t really know much about this band until I read up on them but the first thing I saw was the extensive comparison between him and Grizzly Bear. Don’t get me wrong, there are some strong similarities, but cut the guy a break. He’s making beautiful music and if he’s influenced by another fantastic artist, then he’s influenced by a fantastic artist. Especially since this is his first release, it’s not clear what direction he will go in the next few years. Kind of a bummer when you find a great new artist and all people can say is “he think’s he’s Daniel Rossen”. Shut up and enjoy the breakfast.

We Are Trees – Daniel

Ps – you can get the whole album for free on his site here: http://wearetrees.bandcamp.com/album/boyfriend

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