Hope everyone had a wonderful few days off from work and school. Over break I was able to plug in my headphones and really give some things a fair listen through. What I ended up with was fantastic.

The artist I’m posting today is a guy named Will Wiesenfeld, who is only 21. Lil slap in the face to remind me that I’m not doing anything nearly as impressive as him, but that’s alright. At least he’s producing wonderful music. Apparently he’s been playing piano since he was 4, and now he’s making synthesized, electronic music. I really like the thick texture and samples that he uses. The song that I chose blew my mind when I first heard it. The samples are so interesting and yet it’s still pretty accessible. It’s got a sound kind of like Four Tet or Gold Panda, but a little bit on the dancier/heavy bass driven stuff. Either way, just plug in some good headphones and really enjoy the full range of sounds.

Baths – Aminal

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