When I first heard this band, I couldn’t help but think “man, they sound a lot like Broken Social Scene… but I’m completely okay with that”. However, once I listened to Land of Talk more, I realized that they aren’t just a BSS sound-alike, they’ve definitely got their own unique sound and I have to be honest: I really like it.

First of all, they’ve got a female lead singer, which isn’t always a good thing, but it really works here. I’m picky as hell about vocals, not just female vocals. I really like the way their bassist and drummer work together, keeping it melodic and moody but still upbeat. The guitar is kind of heavy on noise and lo-fi distortion but it’s not overdone or overproduced. In general, it’s just a really nice mix of a lot of things that are usually too much for me. There’s a fair amount of music that’s coming out that has this indie-lo-fi-noise-late 50’s sound, but here’s a band that get’s it right and has some heart behind it.

Land of Talk – Hamburg, Noon

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