The sheer amount of rain that the west coast has been getting is insane. I’ve been spending a lot of time inside but strangely enough I haven’t really been listening to a lot of music. Most sites are doing their top albums of the year and to be honest, it’s kind of overwhelming me. I was hoping to sort through a few of them this break but it’s taking me much longer than I expected.

This morning I was treated to a wonderful surprise however. I saw that the Middle East released a new single and nabbed as quickly as possible. Their full LP was a bit more mellow in comparison to their EP and I feel like these songs show that they’re still versatile. I really like the first track because it’s got this folk-distorted sound that’s beautiful but raw. The vocals are superb and catchy and with the calming bassline it just drives it all home. The second track is mostly piano and is wonderful. A perfect track for a rainy day. Hope you enjoy.

The Middle East – Jesus Came to My Birthday Party

The Middle East – Sydney to Newcastle

ps – Christmas colored waveforms? Adorable.

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