2011 List

Through all the music that I post over the course of a year, a lot of music gets lost. Sometimes I find an artist that just fit at the but fades after a few listens. Other times I find a band that really sticks and I want to keep track of the albums I really liked over the year. This is some form of that.

On Volcano – “New Blood EP”
On Volcano - New Blood EP

Near the Parenthesis – “Japanese for Beginners”
Near the Parenthesis - Japanese for Beginners

Smith Westerns – “Dye it Blonde”

Campfire Ok – “Strange Like We Are”

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground”

Tennis – “Cape Dory”

The Aggrolites – “Rugged Road”

The Dodos – “No Color”

The Powder Kegs – “The Amanican”

The Amsterdams – “Electromagenetica”
The Amsterdams - Electromagenetica

Nathan Edwin – “Willow Spillow”

Metrononomy – “English Riviera”

Near the Parenthesis – “Near Paring Thesis”

Two Bicycles – “The Ocean”

Cults – “Cults”


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