This post is slightly different than usual. Instead of just a song, I want to talk about a whole EP. I found this band through my list of 2010 music. On Volcano is from Finland and that’s about all I know about them. They recently put their EP titled “New Blood” on their website as a free download, so naturally I couldn’t resist.

Their website is simple. They don’t have tons of excessive graphics or logos everywhere. I just get the feeling that they’re honest and just love making music. Obviously they want to get their music better known but it doesn’t seem so commercially minded like much of music out there right now. I love finding a band like this.

The opening track is wonderful. They remind me of the Middle East in some ways. The song starts slowly with some simple arpeggio and light drums. Slow, intertwining vocals smooth into a soothing back and forth. The song really hits it’s full stride around 4 minutes where it breaks into simple poppy beat. It’s overall just wonderful.

The entire EP is only 4 songs and shows the variety that this band can pull off. I highly recommend this, especially considering they’re giving it away.

On Volcano – “The Explorer”

Download “New Blood EP” at http://www.onvolcano.com/

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