I’ve heard a few people draw comparisons between Campfire Ok and Fleet Foxes. To be honest, I can’t really compare because I’ve never been able to get into Fleet Foxes. Ironically, Campfire Ok was right up my alley when I heard them.

They’re based out of Seattle (yeah yeah, so are Fleet Foxes) and released their debut album “Strange Like We Are” 2/1/11. I’m trying to pin down what I really like about them and I think it comes down to the songwriting style they have. I love the way they work together so well. From brass to piano to banjo, they’ve got some great diversity.

The track I’m posting is called “Not Young Not Old”. It’s got a driving piano riff that gets heavier with the epic pounding of the drums, sprinkled with some strings and horns. The percussion is great in this album but it isn’t overpowering. It’s done in a way to emphasize the melody and drive home the emotion of the song.

The song that follows directly after “Not Young Not Old” has a blues/funk feel to it but still has their distinct folk/americana sound behind it. This album has been growing on me. Let it grow on you.

Campfire Ok – “Not Young Not Old”

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