What a week. My mind is swimming with ideas – I’m doing my best to catch the best ones and release the awful one.

I started following a new site (new to me that is) – it’s called Stereogum. They’ve got a lot of cool releases on there and I’m looking forward to all the new things I’m finding out about.

One that I’m most excited about is a track that was leaked by Explosions in the Sky from their new album coming out next month. They’ve been pretty quiet in terms of releasing new material, so when I found out about this I was really stoaked.

Their stuff is all instrumental but this song has some looped vocal stuff in the beginning. The song starts off in a different direction than their previous stuff, but it’s all in the same ‘Explosions in the Sky’ vein. It’s really growing on me and I can’t wait till the full album comes out.

Explosions in the Sky – Trembling Hands

Source: Stereogum

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