I was meaning to post this a week or two ago when I was listening to a lot of reggae and ska but never got around to it. Somehow it slipped under my radar that the Aggrolites are releasing a new album this month. Their previous release, ‘IV’, wasn’t that exciting for me. It was 21 tracks long and to be honest I felt like it was a bit of quantity over quality. Maybe they heard me, cause their new record is only 10 songs long.

This album has a lot more diversity than their last release and I’m loving it. The song I posted is much is a mellow dub song with some mean organ parts in it. Another song I really like off this album is ‘The Aggro Band Plays On’, as much as I dislike self-referentiality, it’s upbeat and groovy.

I’ve seen the Aggrolites countless times live (more so when I lived in OC, they’re based in LA) and they never fail to exceed expectations. This album is another solid addition to their growing collection of groovy dirty-reggae. Get in it and get down.

The Aggrolites – Enemy Dub

Listen at 0:32 when that organ hits hard. So monstrous.

‘Rugged Road’ is already up for digital download via iTunes and will be released in physical formats on 3/22/11
Get it: Rugged Road

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