Hot damn! 200 posts, that’s real slick.

To make this different and exciting, I posted a comic from XKCD, one of my favorite webcomics. Although it’s generally unrelated by still really funny.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to business as usual. Those upcoming releases are what I look forward to when I wake up. That’s one of my favorite things about music – things are always moving forward(ish) and changing. As someone who grows tired of things quickly, this couldn’t be more perfect.

The Dodos are dropping a new record the 15th and I’m so incredibly stoaked about it. After hearing it on NPR’s website, I’m definitely gonna pick it up. I really enjoyed ‘Time to Die’, but sometimes it was a bit abrasive with aggressive finger picking and arpeggios. This has a bit more variety and really shows the range that they can pull off. It’s perfectly orchestrated, showcasing their incredible technical talent but still allowing for fantastic accessible pop songs. This release comes with a heavy handed recommendation from me.

The Dodos are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Their musicianship is absolutely impressive and the percussion is top notch. This song floods my ears with beautiful texture and tone.

The Dodos – When Will You Go

PS – Just got my ticket to see them in LA on 4/8/11. HELL YES.

Get it: No Color

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