It goes in waves. I’ll hit a period where I’m unsatisfied with any new music that I’m finding and then something comes along that really rocks the boat. Likely a result of having my senses overloaded with the constant influx of new music, that’s besides the point.

I don’t really know much about the Amsterdams, but their newest release, Electronmagnetica, is wonderful to my ears. It’s poppy and catchy, much in the vein of all the 50s throwback pop I’ve been diggin, but they’ve infused it with their own groovy electronic jungle love. The entire album is really a fantastic listen and I can see it making a regular rotation in my phones.

This track in particular has something so nostalgic about it. The guitar in the beginning hits like it did when I was 15 and things seemed so important. Simple but strong percussion is ushered in by a friendly synth type instrument and it just fits.

The Amsterdams – On the Run

A sweet video of their song ‘Part of It’ also off Electromagnetica

Props to Magiska again for this wonderful tip off.

Band Site

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