April 2011 Mixtape

Today is another historical day for the Delicious Music Feed.

Let’s face it. Mixtapes are freakin awesome. Nuff said.

I wanted to make something that was a bit more portable than just Soundcloud streaming links. Also, one of the problems with the amount of music that I sift through is that I don’t have time to post it all. Especially when a certain album has several great songs on it, I feel frustrated that not all of them get posted.

Basically I’m trying to limit myself to the music i’ve posted/discovered in that month. This leaves me room to post things that aren’t new releases but still strike me as wonderful. Not everything on the mix has been posted on the Feed, but there are some favorites I’ve wanted to highlight.

If you dig, tell your friends. I realize the following on this site might not be overwhelming (some of you I’ve forcefully encouraged to follow), but I appreciate your support. I’m doing what I love, even if it’s on a smallish scale. I’m shootin to pump one of these babies out once a month. Hoorah.

Here she is: April 2011 Feedmix

Track List:
1. Where You Are – The Submarines
2. Demons – Lulu and the Lampshades
3. Barricade – Interpol
4. Broke Time – The Powder Kegs
5. I Don’t Believe in Love – We Are Trees
6. On the Run – The Amsterdams
7. Abducted – Cults
8. Aviation Class – All Tiny Creatures
9. Swim in the Light – Two Bicycles
10. Became – Atmosphere
11. Golden Sun – Brown Recluse

Let me know what you think of it!

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