I’ve heard this band compared to Broken Social Scene (they’ve toured together) and I think that’s a tough comparison. Although even with those heightened expectations, I’ve really dug the bits I’ve heard by The Sea and The Cake. They’ve been working on a new record and everything I’ve heard off it has been wonderful.

This song in particular has some fantastic layering, really letting the textures settle in. The vocals are so soothing and the whispery push that the song gives is complimented by the driving bassline. Lookin forward to hearing more of what they’ve got. The Sea and the Cake’s album, The Moonlight Butterfly is set to be released on May 10th on Thrill Jockey.

The Sea and the Cake – Lyric

Get it: Thrill Jockey

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2 thoughts on “#220

  1. Jones and I saw the Sea and the Cake with Broken Social Scene. Most boring show eeeevveeerr…

    This song is pretty, though.

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