A lot of the posts I do on this site are after I’ve heard a song or two that I really enjoy from a new artist. When it’s a new release from an artist I already follow, I’ve got a bit more connected to the songs, but when the artist is a new discovery for me, the songs don’t always last. What I mean is that sometimes I post a song that seems really incredible at first but overtime fades to the back.

When I first checked out All Tiny Creatures and their album ‘Harbors’, I wasn’t incredibly captivated after the first listen through. Over the past couple weeks I’ve given more listens through and I just keep coming back for more. I think the thing about this album is that no one song sticks out in particular – they’re all on the same great level. ‘Harbors’ does great as relaxing in the sun, sitting on the grass music or as homework/thinking music. It’s got great atmosphere and builds carefully, but isn’t as distorted or abrasive as groups like Explosions in the Sky (don’t get me wrong, I love EITS).

For me this album goes to show that given time, some things get better.

All Tiny Creatures – Glass Bubbles

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