I’ve followed Peter Adams for quite a while now and it’s been quite enjoyable to see his growth and progress. Last year he released two EPs, ‘Dances for Heather’ and ‘I Am A Strange Loop’. I knew about ‘Dances for Heather’ and really enjoyed it, but some how the other release slipped by me. He’s really come a long way since his LP ‘I Woke With Planets in My Face’.

Everything sounds tighter, more deliberate, each sound and note chosen carefully. He’s got an incredibly talented group of string players and the entire EP sounds almost orchestral. This album is also 3 songs long, like the previous EP, but it’s definitely one entire piece. For that reason, it was really tough choosing a cut off it. I chose the middle song and I think it’s a nice midpoint. Absolutely incredible. Highly recommend this with headphones.

Peter Adams – The Sullen Saint of Eden

Get at it: [Link]

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