I was recommended this album and at first I was a little underwhelmed. But each track really has it’s own biz to it and the more time I’ve spent with the album, the more I like it. And even if I won’t listen to it on repeat often, it’s interesting in itself and I can dig. Kind of glowy hip-hop, sometimes moody, and somewhat summery. Cities Aviv are outta Memphis and they’re giving this album away for free. Get in it. It’s worth a thorough listening.

This track kind of reminds me of some MF Doom, kind of drawling yet smooth. Shouts to Daftgirl on Magiska for the recs on this one.

Cities Aviv – Voyeurs

Download it for free: [Link]
(They reached their limit on Bandcamp for free downloads, but there is mediafire link for a free download on the left side)

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