I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that sticks me about this band. The simplicity lets the atmosphere of their sound really fill your mind. Combined with a precision for mellow jams I’d compare to Pinback, Metronomy cooks up some great working/thinking tune-age. It’s a strange but pleasant mix of Brit-pop, dancier electropop and 60s surf pop. The entire album takes a refreshingly unassuming tone and fills the background perfectly. Look forward to hearing more of these guys. Their album ‘English Riviera’ was released 4/11/11 on Because Music.

Metronomy – The Look

Check out their video:

Aside from the artsy(strange?) use of bird puppets/animation, I really like this video. The simplicity and build of it really puts the song into a frame that makes sense. Many times a video completely changes the way I feel about the song, whether it be for the better or worse, but this is simple and really just adds to the overall feel.

Get ‘English Riviera’ here:[Link]

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