I heard this band about a month ago and it must have gotten lost in everything else I was listening to because it wasn’t until last week that I really started listening to them. The Naked and Famous have hit some decent success already, including being nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll and winning the APRA Silver Scroll award for their song ‘Young Blood’. They’ve been blastin hot jams since 2008 in Enn Zed (New Zealand).

I really like the awesome dichotomy they bring to the table. Part of it is super dancy and punches real hard with crunchy guitar and heavy drums. On the other hand they have shout-out-loud summery vocals and it’s all catchy as hell. Like a twisted child of Passion Pit and the guitars of Tame Impala minus the intense psychedelia. This album has a great bit of variety so give a few songs a try before writing them off. Easily one of my top jams right now.

The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You

Check out their video for ‘All of This’

Get ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’: [Link]

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