Day Maker

I’ve been lagging on posting this for almost a week now, but I’ve just been to busy to do it justice.


I posted a band called the Amsterdams a while back and have really been diggin em. I noticed they linked my blog on their Twitter and decided to message them to say thanks. I also asked them about getting their newest record on vinyl and was surprised when they offered to send a copy of their album to me (all the way from Romania!). I was full willing to pay for it (but they haven’t made vinyl pressings yet) and thought it was super awesome gesture. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that it would actually come. It is so refreshing to actually talk to someone who cares about their fans.

Music Art is wonderful. It’s an incredible feeling when someone genuinely wants to share it with you as much you enjoy sharing it with others. Thank you, the Amsterdams.

Support artists that are in it to love music.

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2 thoughts on “Day Maker

  1. Yeah, these guys are really talented and it’s a pleasure to see them live. Plus, they’re also friendly and nice. As a fan and friend, I must say it feels really good to see that the band you like receives praises from other people as well. Cheers from Romania. 🙂

    • I hope I get to see them live sometime. It’s one thing to make good music, but who cares if you’re a jerk about it? I’ve seen my share of bands who are talented and rude the audience – there’s just too much good music out there to waste time on bands like that.

      I’ll continue to spread the word about bands like the Amsterdams. They deserve it. Thanks for checkin out the Feed 🙂

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