There’s something to be said about the setting music is heard in. Especially at night, it’s difficult to match the intimacy of headphone tunes.

I’ve been holding out on posting this band for a while (okay, I dropped one track on the April Feedmix) but I think the mood is right finally. Honest music is so much better. This feels honest.

Here’s the description (from his Bandcamp):
"The new Two Bicycles record is one of the most personal records I’ve made to date. Even though there aren’t any vocals on the record, I feel that I’ve expressed myself more clearly than I have on any other release I’ve done. Although this is a “side project”, I take these songs as seriously as I do the songs for the Teen Daze project.

The record tells the story of a night spent at sea. The beauty and hope that comes with the watching of the sun set, swimming in the moonlight and looking back at life back on land in fondness and happiness. But as the night falls, and the endless ocean reveals itself as the chaotic, exilic wilderness, the main character begins to feel isolated and on edge. The ocean can bring both optimism and fear, hope and loneliness.

The album was recorded in my bedroom, at the base of Mt. Cheam in Chilliwack, BC, from November 2010 to January 2011. "

It’s an incredibly beautiful album and comes with a high recommendation. Please enjoy.

Two Bicycles – Sunset

Get it: [Link]

Whole album streaming:

The Ocean by Two Bicycles

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