Well, a new phase has hit me thick. I’ve been listening to a lot of IDM, mainly from the label n5MD . I’ve posted a few things from their label before, Near the Parenthesis and Plastik Joy being the first to come to mind.

What I really enjoy about this type of music is that it’s all about textures and layering. Some of the stuff is more ambient and is a nice soundtrack to working or thinking. Others have a bit more meat to them, but either way it’s a catalyst for filtering out the buzz of daily life and letting your thoughts do some work.

This group in particular hits a great mix of IDM, post rock, and electronic/chill wave. This song came up when I was listening to the n5MD radio and it’s got a real nice punch to it. Let it seep in, it’s thick.

Run_Return – Animals are Beautiful People

Band Page:
Album: Metro North

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