I first started doing my “Delicious Music Feed” as just plain Facebook status updates. After over 60 posts, I decided that I wanted something a little more permanent and organized. And so I created this blog. Not too long after making it, I decided to invite one of my good friends, Jack, to help contribute. Jack and I jam together frequently and since we have similar but still different music tastes, it just made sense.

I’ve come to realize that this blog serves a few purposes for me.

The first is a way for me to show other people about new music I discover or old music I’m really diggin. I have an incredible passion for music and sometimes I can be really picky when it comes to choosing what I listen to. The sheer amount of music available through the internet and other sources is mind blowing and it can be a little overwhelming. This is my way of sifting through it to find the good stuff.

The other use of this blog is as a sort of music journal. My (as most people’s) music taste is always changing. I am constantly searching for new music and as a result my knowledge and palette for music is ever growing. Not surprisingly though, old favorites fade as new ones take their place. Looking back just a year or two, the music I was listening to then is in many ways very different from what I listen to now. That being said, this blog is a cool way for me to document the adventure that discovering new music is.

Feel free to hit me up: deliciousmusicfeed@gmail.com


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