I’ve been following this band for a couple years now, since I saw them open for Rx Bandits. They’re fantastic in the studio, but what really blew me away was how powerful their live performances are. On the surface, they sound just like an indie folk band. But they have an incredible presence on stage and the entire band is just rocking with their whole soul. I’ve never seen a drummer rip so hard with wire brushes. Needless to say, if you have a chance to see these guys live, do it. They are on tour now.

In terms of sound, they can be mellow and melancholy or they can hit the folk rock real hard. Excellent finger picking and great harmonies are some of the big draws for me. Their new album “Come Back as Rain” was released 3.6.2012 on Sargent House Records.

Good Old War – “Touch the Clouds (Taste the Ground)”


Stream their album on SoundCloud:



Sometimes you just need something that’s potent and thick. The smoothness of this is infectious; the soothing female vocals provide a perfect foil to the powerful, deep male voice. The Jazz Liberators throw down some heavy beats and layer in some of the most cooling jazz riffs. Result? A blend of music that makes you think and move. Just light enough to keep you from getting stuck.

Jazz Liberators – Qidar


First and foremost, this band’s name is damn awesome.

Another snag after my stint on the n5MD radio, this band is a bit more full sounding and even has some vocals. This is the opening track to the album ‘Welcome Stranger’ and it has that slow seeping build to it that I’m a sucker for. I can’t help but replay Lost in Translation in my head, imagining crowded (yet somehow empty) streets rushing around in some metropolitan city. There’s this sort of beautiful but subtle loneliness to it. A perfect album for a dark room, rain outside your window and a wonderful blanket to keep your body warm and safe. Headphones, oh yes.

Ent – ‘No Tone’

Band Site:


Well, a new phase has hit me thick. I’ve been listening to a lot of IDM, mainly from the label n5MD . I’ve posted a few things from their label before, Near the Parenthesis and Plastik Joy being the first to come to mind.

What I really enjoy about this type of music is that it’s all about textures and layering. Some of the stuff is more ambient and is a nice soundtrack to working or thinking. Others have a bit more meat to them, but either way it’s a catalyst for filtering out the buzz of daily life and letting your thoughts do some work.

This group in particular hits a great mix of IDM, post rock, and electronic/chill wave. This song came up when I was listening to the n5MD radio and it’s got a real nice punch to it. Let it seep in, it’s thick.

Run_Return – Animals are Beautiful People

Band Page:
Album: Metro North


As of recent, I’ve been falling back on some music that really got me deep. It really soaked in and made a lasting impression on me, even hours after I listened to it. One of these bands is Savoir Adore.

This is the closing track on their 2009 release “In the Wooded Forest”. It’s slow a beautiful. This entire album is one of those ‘straight to the heart’ albums, at least for me. It’s been on rotation so frequently that I had to post it. I really love the soft duet singing, dreamy-80s synth, and tight pop drums. Feed your brain.

Savoir Adore – The Garden


I’m back?

We’ll see how long this lasts. Right now I’m just accepting that there’s some music I’m excited to share.

This is a band who is on the Sargent House label, set to release a new album sometime this year. I’ve been following these guys for a while and I’m really impressed with how they’ve progressed. Really tight math-rock with an edge of pop-punk. It’s catchy and all kinds of technical, which I love.

This Town Needs Guns – Adventure, Stamina & Anger



Fantastic song off one of my favorite albums this summer.

Portugal. the Man – Share Me With the Sun


This song is all kinds of catchy. Blast it, windows down, summer up.

Official Video:


I found this gem on the 4AD (Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Tune Yards) website. They post videos of their artists recording songs at their studios and I really dug the one by Stornoway. Clean and simple vocals, catchy guitar, and just enough percussion to keep me interested, I really dug their first release and I’m eager to see what else they’ve got. I love the cinematography of these sessions.

Stornoway – Fuel Up (4AD Session)

I really dig ‘On the Rocks’ which starts at 5:00 (check link below)
The entire session can be found here: [Link]
Band Site: [Link]

May 2011 Mixtape

Although this is a little late (what, half a month?), I still pulled together another mixtape. There’s a few that you might recognize from posts that I did throughout May, but there’s definitely a surprise or two.

Enjoy kindly

Track List:
1. Skream – Where You Should Be (Feat. Sam Frank)
2. Portugal. The Man – Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)
3. Cities Aviv – Doom x Gloom
4. Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear
5. Naked and Famous – All Of This
6. Tom Vek – A Chore
7. Foster The People – Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop)
8. Wild Orchid Children – Martha Washington Goes to War
9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr – When I Open My Eyes
10. Battles – Ice Cream

Get it: [Link]