Some great indie-electro-pop that’s perfect for summer. I’ve been digging this song a lot while I cruise around at night in Singapore, looking at the city lights glimmering in the hot moonlight. Keep this one on rotation.

James & Evander – “To Wait”

Bandcamp: [Link]



I’m not one that listens to mellow acoustic singer song-writer type music often, but when I do I make sure it hits hard. For me, its a genre that is often over filled with music that is trying to be too much and achieves little for me.

Overall its a pretty simple sound, something that has been done before and yet it is still intriguing and enjoyable. Sometimes it doesn’t have to change the game, just play it really well. I enjoy the addition of the backup vocals in this song, adding a little more texture to things.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

Get “Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm” here: [Link]
Band Site: [Link]


I’ve dug this band for a couple years now. They’ve got such a happy-pop sound, while still bringing something interesting to the table. Their new release is called Heaven and it has some perfect tracks for the summer.

Pomegranates – Passaway


This is a fun band that has been growing on me for the past week or two. They’ve got a sound that’s a bit of a mix between the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Metronomy, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

‘Party on Darwin’ is pretty simple but really well executed. The basic melody of the song is super catchy and the vocals are so smooth. Turn the sun up, pour a nice drink, and enjoy the afternoon breeze. This album is another fantastic summer album. They’re even offering up a free Bandcamp download if you dig it.

Cheers Elephant – ‘Party on Darwin’

Stream/Buy the album “Like Wind Blows Fire”: [Link]
Bandsite: [Link]



I heard this song come on when I was driving home from a friends house tonight. The darkness blanketed around my headlights, the wall of reverb washed sound filled my car and my ears soaked it all up. This song has several wonderful builds, maintaining a relatively simply melody but manages to keep you coming back for more. I really dig the bassline, droning on like bees.

Grandparents – ‘Fumes’

Grab their EP: [Link]


This group has a wonderful fusion of 60s pop, indie and a bit of hip hop. Sampling all kinds of noise, they hail from San Diego and got some publicity for their song “I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now”. I really the song “Loud and Clear”, fuzzin the bass while keepin light overtones to keep it upbeat. Can you guess the sample?

I decided to pick a song that was a bit more representative of the sound the album has. This song is dreamy, easy going, and a little heart broken. Get it in, get it on.

TV Girl – On the Fence

Grab ‘The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle ‘ for free: [Link]
Note: Seriously, free coloring book.


This band has been spinnin in my headphones for the past few months on repeat. With the release of their 4 song EP, I was hooked. Their full length called ‘Boys & Girls’ comes out April 9th and I can’t wait. I love this song because it has so much heart to it. The impeccable guitar work is so simple yet is exactly what the song needs, complimented by the wonderful voice of Brittany Howard. This is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Get in it.

Alabama Shakes – “Be Mine”

EDIT: I couldn’t resit posting another song. Just too damn good.

Preorder: [Link]


A strange blend of Department of Eagles, Radiohead, and even Peter Adams, these guys have a soothingly haunting sound. My favorite part of this song is the few beautiful builds, each time truncated by a simple guitar melody. Plug in and turn out.

Vows – ‘Born a Wolf’

If you buy the physical album from them, it comes with a handmade canvas case and block print art. Cool indeed. Get ‘Winter’s Grave’: [Link]

Stream the entire album here: [Link]

Official Video for ‘Born a Wolf’:


It may become apparent that I’m diggin hard on the n5md label. This is a compilation album from them, featuring several artists I’ve posted on here and plenty others that deserve just as much recognition.

Initial reactions, the first part of this song sounds very Pinback influenced to me. Melodic, driving and with a hint of melancholy. I like the way that it wraps around your head, pushing the sound into your brain. About 2 minutes in the beat gets shifted, distorting time. It leaves you with a slightly unsettling feeling – almost restless. Towards the end of the song there is some resolve. Let it flow.

Damiak – Field Lights



That moment when a song comes on and it almost brings you to tears. Let this one saturate.

Matt Pond PA – “Specks”